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Hello there,

It´s me, your favourite bass player of Lucidity. Tonight I give you few of my favourite albums that are important to me.
Many of these albums “made me” as I am today – because music was and is very important for me through the history. It isn’t just a hobby. It´s a way you live your life and what kind of person you are. Yep, music is more than songs and sounds some of people, you should remember this if you are wondering…

As you can say, “ Music says who and what you are”. My main genres are black metal, death metal and so on…but I am quite underground person I have to say. I do not respect nu-metal or this kind of bullshits. But always say hellos to ambient etc. music. But hey, it´s me. You cannot love them all. Ever.

Sure there is more than 10 albums, but here I point out 10 of ´em….at least I try to keep it on 10 albums, let´s see how that goes. If you want to see in real-time, what music i listen, check out my last.fm page: https://www.last.fm/user/Ahmis

Alright, here we go. These are not in specific order.
Are you ready!? Do you have your headset on?

— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

1. Darkthrone – A Blaze in the Northern Sky (1992)

This album was kind of the “totem” for me of growing up in Haapajärvi me back then. With Death metal, as Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Sinister, my playlist was completed back then. This album´s intro and first song called “ Kathaarian Life Code” put me on path what I am today, in the path of black metal. Song called “In the shadows of the horns” was also very, very strong, that was significant impact on me. There is many more Darkthrone albums, but this one is mine to say – you mean, album what had that true impact.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

2. Sinister – Diabolical Summoning (1993)

Never forget the Sinister. I think this album is one the best death metal albums, at least for me. The using of blast beat and general output is fucking brutal. Unic i may say, and look the date, when it´s released. Amazing.  I remember that I saved money, and finally ordered few albums…Poko, i think? But yea, i got the new goddamn Sinister album. I was so drilled! Whoohoo!! I looked the album cover ” Oh i didnt know these dudes are groove looking fellas, well, ok (wtf)? When i got in home and finally hearing the new album of Sinister, it was some kind fucking RAP.

Oh yes, the was ”YOOOO” in the begining of that fucking album than ” GRAAWWWWW!!!! ”.
You might see how dissappointment i was. Got pretty angry aswell.
Saved my fucking money for goddamn rap album.

Yea, that didn´t went quite well, seems that there was two bands called Sinister, and label that sold their albums in Finland, put in the same row those albums.  Ah, memories and sweet dissapointments, makes even more sweeter to listen this now days. But i can say, that i bought RAP album in the nineteens…tho, not really know is that i healthy thing to do.

And noone cannot be more than ”Where the slives lives” from Morbid angel.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

3. Isvind – Dark Waters Stir (1996)

For me, this was first album that made true impact for realizing that I can start my own band – witch was know as “Malignus”. This album made me to start playing black metal – for it´s atmospheric riffs and with Darkthrone – my set for my own band was pretty much set to go. Sure in the same time I got Emperor – Emperor album, these both are amazing! The sound of this album is absolutely toxicatinig, comparing to Death metal and HC punk that i listened in that era. But ISVIND made the most important impact. You cannot find this album in Spotify, but check out from Youtube – I put some other Isvind albums on my playlist.

YOUTUBE (this album cannot be found in Spotify)

— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

4. KAAOS – Nukke EP (1993/1995)

As said about HC-punk, this band’s sound is absolutely great, specially the bass sound and I love the attitude. This EP was back then very important and is great even today. So there is enough reason put this on the list! HC punk was an era for me. IN HC punk there was many other bands than KAAOS, but this has been with me during these years. You are true pioneer and best friend.  I have to mention band called “ Puhelinkoppi “ aswell. If you want know something about Finland, Listen some Puhelinkoppi, I say. Heheh. It seems that this EP cannot be found in Spotiry, so i put something else on my playlist from Kaaos, but check the Youtube link below.

Check this song and the full EP!

Listen Full EP

— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

5. Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse (1994)
and Anthems to the welkin at dusk (1997)

Yes I know, I break the rules already, but isn’t that a point?
I cannot decide with one I put on list, so I put both of Emperor albums. Problem solved.

In the Nightside Eclipse is absolutely one of the greatest, if you are black metal head, i may know this. There is everything so right that i cant really say nothing more that this album is one of the ”land marks” of my playlist and black metal generally i think. Build the fucking statue of the Emperor! heheheh!

One of my good friend “Tepa” in Haapajärvi, forgot Anthems to the welkin at dusk -album – or left in purpose this album for back then for me after the house partys. I listened this in row over 2 weeks. It was and is so amazing that I was sold totally. As now I listen these albums, these are still one of the best Emperor albums. What came after Anthems to the welkin at dusk, I have to say that I didn’t listen those that much.

SPOTIFY: In the Nightside Eclipse (1994)

SPOTIFY: Anthems to the welkin at dusk (1997)

— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

6 Limbonic Art – Moon in the Scorpio (1996)

Something new, again. Blastbeat by machine, keyboards etc. Oh I have so many good memories about this album, in Haapajärvi with my friends. After those years, in the nineties, this album seems to be best Limbonic Art album for me that there is! Sure “Epitome of Illusions (1998)” is nice continuum for this album – I love these both.

I think Limbonic Art gave me an idea, the feeling of keyboards, if you may , how to put keyboards inside of metal, not on to it. I think Limbonic Art is on it´s best in these two albums. Moon in the Scorpio was absolutely a land mark for me, where metal can be do this way, and I think this band is pioneer in many ways. Respect.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

7. Enslaved – Eld (1997)

If you want hear of the greatest album intros that is made, check this out. Enslaved´s intro called “ 793 (Slaget Om Lindisfarne) is absolutely most greatest album intros, that I know in this genre of metal. Focus how this album really starts…is fucking epic with acoustic guitars!! Oh man!

I sure had Enslaved albums before this (Split with Satyricon, The Forest Is My Throne / Yggdrasill 1995) but this was new kind of way to do metal in many ways. Perhaps this was the starting point of using acoustic guitars in my music…who knows…and, who cares really. Good album is timeless, and this one is truly timeless masterpiece.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

8. Arcturus – La masquerade Infernale (1997)

This album was and will be the one, that i respect in music. This album gave me, ones again new way of metal. I remember that I skipped out from school and translated this album lyrics and drank coffee with my father (RIP). He smoked his pipe and looked my stuff, that I was mesmerized by this music. He didn´t give a shit that i skip classes…I want to think that my Father, who was musician aswell knew that there is no point to say anything when i so in to this music, i consumed me. I know he fucking hated my music, but he loved that i started to play guitar. So that was enough i think. If i have to take one album, in the island of enternity, La masquerade Infernale would be it.

I think this album also started a dream of my own band back then, in melodic and atmospheric music – four years later that band was called Teardown.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

9. Aeternus – Beyond the Wandering Moon (1997)

I don’t really know where I found Aeternus, but I think Mika Markkinen From Haapajärvi gave me the first bite of Aeternus back then. But what impact this band made for me, again I learned something more. Speed. Low-tuned melodies. This album´s intro and song after it is absolutely fucking amazing, so stronger than any other – and hear how much Aeternus was ahead on it´s time on sound! This album has amazing “cross shaped” digipack and you really should hear this, if you haven’t already. Brutal output with melodic, low tuned guitars, I am sold for life.

This album´s intro and brutal blast beat is amazing. This is totally timeless metal in it´s true form.
This Is truly the way, how metal album wants to start.

There is also Aeternus – album called “….and so the night became (1998)”
These two albums are brutally melodic – Aeternus is Pioneer in everyway in my opinion in this genre.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/6eFNPBUbwa46DLWHDg3nJ1?si=bjgBpkyURu6h5uJcK-uRVw

— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

10. Dødheimsgard – 666 International (1999)

Unleash the different kind of metal! Oh yes, Dødheimsgard made me actually pretty much confused when I heard this album in the first time. I bet this was the one idea of Dødheimsgard masterminds, when they made this album. Break the rules of everything – I think. Paint those black metal masks with blue paint! Fuck yes!

As said, this album is very much different than anything that I had heard back then but gotta say, this is still in 2019 album, witch have most personality, and creativity. I love it. There is so much elements combined in the same frame of metal – as I may say my own interpretation of this art. One frame – so much paint! …and how this albums starts, was really fucking mind blowing experience, I fucking love it.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

11. Ulver – Perditition City (2000)

Alright, we are not talking about metal music with this album, BUT, great atmosphere music indeed. As you get older, your music taste expands. I love Ulver, when they were black metal but when I heard this album – I got something totally new.
Ulver sounds for me, as i may say, dark thoughts from metal in totally different form. You can create darkness in this form.

I think the lesson for me was mainly about the atmosphere in music, how silence is part of it. Ulver´s Perditition City bought me something that I now know that I love in songs, those “quiet waters before the storm”. My favourite in this album is song called “ Porn Piece of the Scars of Cold Kisses. In this point, my playlist might be very diverse in beginning of millennium. Music it self has grown me in the point, where passion is in Black metal, but you can see out of the box aswell, to other genres.



— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

12. Khold – Masterpiss of pain (2001)

I have to put this band and this specific album on my list. First of all, bass sound of this album is truly my kind of pint of beer and this album brought me that simply, groove black metal riffs ones again. I have to say, that this is really good album and need no other adjectives in my opinion.

Still I have to say that I was little bit disappointed that in future Khold albums, these wasn’t this bass sound that rule in “Masterpiss of pain” – Don’t get me wrong, those other albums are great also but I find myself to missing this totally dominating bass sound.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

13. Marduk – 5:12 (2007)

Alright. Marduk!!! First song of this album “The Leveling Dust” brought me even more brutal vocals that I have ever heard before in black metal. Marduk was and is my favourite band for me, so I can say , in this point, that I am Marduk fan truly. And this album was only the beginning…learn more. I could name pretty much every Marduk album on this list, what was released after this one also.


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

14. Carpathian Forest – Black Shining leather (2007)

Does this album really need my words to say how good it is? My first toch from Carpathian Forest was “ Throught Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods” (EP, 1995). In this album, Black Shining Leather (2007), m choice of song is on seven, track called “In Silence I Observe”. You may already know why, hear it!


— — — — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

15. Ydin – Saasta (2008)

This blog writing is all about most important albums for me, yes? So here is also one of my own album that I made – that is most important trophy for me but also pioneer in death metal for me.

As I am guitarist mainly, I give you this from me.
Gotta say that death metal was on my stereo before the black metal, but here, in Ydin, all came together in black and death. This was and is everything that I want from blackened death metal, lyrics in Finnish and true blast beat in the heart.

Ydin – Saasta:
Ilkka Bister – Vocals, Kauko Kuusisalo – Drums, Jukka Kangas – Guitar, Pasi Piippo – Bass and Sami Ahmaoja – Guitar (me). Reason why I put this album to you is simple, it´s a fucking amazing album, that I actually realized many years after this was released. This is one of the most important albums in my life that there is, so far…

YOUTUBE (not finding in Spotify, but soon….):

— — – —– — – — — – — — — – — — — ———- — – —

I ad myin my  playlist these bands and so much more. Use Suffle to get whole picture. There is so many good bands and their albums that it is hard to keep on this list. New and old. Side by side. Craft, C R O W N, Behemoth, Trident, Sinistro, Teardown…and many more. So, here we have my playlist. As you may notice, there were more than 10 albums. I think rules are made to be broken and I haven’t any control of myself when talking about good albums and music. Enjoy my playlist!

As said in the beginning, feel free to check out my playlist in realtime from the Last.fm:

Have a nice day and stay Metal, always!

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